At CES University we are autonomous, non-denominational, private, non-profit, in search of the formation of pre and postgraduate professionals in all areas of knowledge, with the highest humane, ethical and scientific qualities.

Since it was founded on July 5, 1977, excellence has been the permanent challenge of the educational project, seeking to innovate in the training of human resources, advancing in the internationalization of the institution and developing the virtual component of its educational proposal with the purpose that professional practice of our graduates be recognized at national and international level.

In 2007 we received from the Ministry of National Education of Colombia –MEN–, the resolution 1371 of March 22, which endorses us as a university. The change in academic character from university institution to university responds to a desire and a decision of the entire academic community, embodied in the 2000-2010 development plan.

Continuing with our commitment to excellence, in 2014 we received the Accreditation as a High Quality University, which was renewed through Resolution 013602 of December 9, 2019 with a validity of 6 years.

From its foundation and up to the present, we have enjoyed the recognition of both academics and society in general, an aspect that has been reflected in the accreditation of the Medicine and the Dentistry programs by the Ministry of National Education, making us in the first Institution of Higher Education that accredited its programs in Colombia.

As part of our academic year, we have developed a wide variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in accordance with the expectations of the graduates and the need for specialized resources in the field.

To achieve this recognition implied an advance in all areas of the institution, according to the guidelines of the Founders Hall, the Superior Council and the course outlined by the Development Plan, always having as its north the three substantive functions: teaching, research and innovation, and extension.