Institutional Anthem


Con la frente en alto unidos marchemos portando enhiesto el bicolor pendón, laureles de gloria al CES alma máter, a toda su historia y a su tradición.

Hoy ante tus puertas la voz entonemos, la virtud y el arte son nuestro bastión, donde el educando pulsa una esperanza: la ciencia es camino y el hombre es misión.

Repeat chorus


Gentil cofradía donde mantenemos, ardiendo perenne una flama de amor; luz, calor, pureza ella simboliza precioso legado del sabio de Cos.

Repeat chorus


The flag is distributed in two horizontal stripes. The blue at the top occupies half the width of the flag and symbolizes tranquility, trust, harmony and a sense of responsibility. At the bottom, white occupies the other half and represents integrity, firmness, purity and vigilance.

Imagen de la bandera de la Universidad CES

Coat of arms

The coat of arms respects the origin and tradition, as a benchmark of past times where the foundations for the consolidation of the university project were established. As a modification, the year – 1977 – is added to give weight to the trajectory of our institution. The coat of arms is round, its background is white and represents firmness, purity and vigilance.

Inside the white circle are located the symbols of medicine and nursing, professions that marked our beginning: the caduceus and the lamp. The caduceus is a staff of knots that allude to the difficulties of science and a snake wrapped in it, which is the emblem of health. The lamp indicates the vigilance that must be exercised over the patients.

The coat of arms rests on two laurel branches that intersect in the middle. The laurel is synonymous with honor, inspiration and victory. Its leaves were always consecrated to Apollo, god of poetry, arts and oracles. In the Middle Ages, universities crowned poets with laurel. The CES University logo is its image to internal and external audiences, therefore, it should never be modified or distorted.


Escudo de la universidad CES