Accessibility at Universidad CES

Parking lots

You will find parking and accessible routes in buildings B and C of El Poblado headquarters

Remember that the parking lot of Cola del Zorro does not have accessible parking spaces or routes to get to buildings A, B and C.

If you require parking and accessible routes, we suggest parking in the building where you have scheduled your activity within the university campus, since the displacement between buildings can be difficult.

The displacements between buildings B and C must be done through the vehicular access of building C. To do this, you must request support from the surveillance personnel who will guarantee your safety, controlling the transit of vehicles.

If you are a frequent visitor or belong to the university community and require the temporary or permanent use of an accessible parking space, you must request the Administrative Coordination an identification for your vehicle.

Our accessible parking spaces are blue and identified with the accessibility logo.

Coffee shops

To access the main dining area of building C, the ramp is behind the elevator.

To enter the coffee shops of building A, you must use the elevator to the 2nd floor.

The coffee shops of building B are located on the 4th, 7th and 10th floor and their access is through the elevators.

Public bathrooms

Universidad CES has accessible bathrooms in the following spaces:

Building A: Floor 2

Building B: Floors -2, 1 (Theater), 4, 7, 10 and 13.

Building B: Parking Tower: Floors 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Building C: Floor 1 (mixed) behind the photocopier, floor 2 (women), floor 3 (men)

Classrooms and meeting rooms

If you require accessible classrooms and meeting rooms, ask the audiovisual area to reserve the space and slide projector to facilitate the handling of the equipment, as well as verify the accesses (ramps, platforms, elevators, etc.).

Classrooms on the fifth floor of building C do not have access for people with reduced mobility.

Theater Building B

Accessible entrance in the parking bay of 10 A Street. The theater has space for people with reduced mobility.

We suggest verifying at least 8 days in advance with the Sustainability area if the stage ramp is installed or if it is necessary to schedule the installation of the same.

Grand hall Building C

It has ramps for people who enter as assistants. The stage is only accessible by stairs.

Information and communication technologies

Universidad CES has JAWS software for people with visual disabilities, installed in computers of public use of the institution.

Our Web, is accessible for people with reduced mobility, people with visual disabilities and deaf people, with a level of AA Accessibility.

If you require advice for its use or installation in your equipment, you can contact SUAT at (+57 4) 444 05 55 extension 5000.