Institutional reaccreditation

Through Resolution 013602, of December 9, 2019, issued by the Ministry of National Education (MEN), the CES University received the renewal of the High Quality Institutional Accreditation for a period of six years.

After rigorous and arduous work, the academic peers of the National Accreditation Council (CNA) recognized that “It has been shown that the CES University with domicile in Medellín has achieved sufficient levels of quality so that, in accordance with the regulations that govern the matter, this fact is publicly recognized through a formal act”.

Among the achievements highlighted by the MEN are “The processes of participatory self-evaluation and continuous improvement that are evident from the previous accreditation in aspects such as: progress in teaching capacity, advances in research macro-processes and university well-being and the development of educational means. Aspects that were highlighted by the CNA as opportunities for improvement”, Points out the MEN.

Furthermore, the Resolution states that “the CES training proposal, which is aimed at comprehensive training and the development of skills and competencies, a model in which research, flexibility, contextualization, interdisciplinarity, and interculturality, integration and development of the autonomy. Its application implies a huge sustained institutional effort in the long term.”.

Academic peers valued the influence of “the results in the tests of the Generic Competences Saber Pro -2018 (169) that institutionally by area of knowledge exceed the national average (147)"; and, finally, they highlighted the recognition that for more than 41 years society has made our missionary axes of teaching, research, extension and social projection.

Resolution 013602 - Institutional Reaccreditation