The CES University is an Institution of Higher Education that, committed to excellence, carries out actions in teaching, research, innovation, extension and sustainability, with the purpose of contributing to the development of society and the formation of free, autonomous, ethical human beings , scientific and competent in a globalized world.

Vision (2020 - 2030)

In the year 2030, CES University will be recognized for its commitment to people, to the preservation of the planet and to the prosperity of the country. Excellence and sustainability will be the basis for a quality higher education, characterized by:

  • The well-being and happiness of the university community and their families.
  • Comprehensive, humanistic and humanized training.
  • Educational, social, technological and infrastructure innovations.
  • The consolidation of research, innovation and entrepreneurship processes.
  • The formation of citizens with a global sense.
  • The promotion of solidarity, inclusion and access to higher education.
  • The commitment to the care, preservation and regeneration of the environment.
  • Good governance, ethics and transparency practices in management.

Growth and recognition in the social and academic environment will be the natural result of the relevance in the sustainable development of substantive functions.

General principles

CES University is a national, autonomous, private, non-profit and self-sustaining Higher Education Institution that offers undergraduate and postgraduate educational services in all areas of knowledge, with emphasis on the health area, at a technical level -professional, technological and professional with the highest human, ethical and scientific qualities that stimulate cultural, social, ideological, political and religious pluralism.

The CES University fosters the integral formation of the student and to achieve this it maintains a dynamic update of its curriculum, stimulates self-training and innovation permanently and is supported by a highly qualified teaching body committed to institutional development; encourages in all members of the university community a life project that allows them to achieve their personal, professional and institutional goals.

The CES University programs are aimed at guaranteeing the construction and permanent development of the Institutional Educational Project -PEI- with high standards of quality and excellence, in order to offer society an ethical, innovative, creative, critical and capable graduate. to lead the transformation of their professional and social environment.

The promotion of research in teachers and students is a permanent purpose of the CES University and for this it stimulates the development of research lines and groups. Likewise, the CES University projects itself to society through advisory activities, continuing education and assistance services that support teaching.

Our values