Self-assessment model

Self-evaluation has been promoted in the university since its foundation and today it is part of its culture. The road has been complex and has required a long process of maturation; This is how, from the institutional accreditation in 2014, a qualitative leap was made that can be summarized in three major commitments: the first, which takes up the recommendations of the academic peers of the institutional accreditation, refers to guaranteeing a greater participation of the university community in the self-evaluation processes; the second one focuses on migrating from evaluation exercises based on the application of surveys and the elaboration of centralized reports in the directives of the programs and the university, towards the academic debate on the opportunities for improvement of the programs and the university; and the third refers to a greater articulation between the university's self-evaluation and planning processes. "Evaluation and planning for institutional coherence" synthesize the slogan of the new model, a context in which self-evaluation is the input par excellence for planning.

These bets are expressed in agreement 0256 of 2018, of the Superior Council, a document that defines the guidelines for self-evaluation at CES University.

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