Our services

Thanks to the articulation between teaching and research, we contribute to the formation and transformation of communities through the transfer and appropriation of knowledge, providing a response to local, regional, national and international social needs. 

The University's consulting services are also linked to the business sector. Thanks to the integration of the academy and the reality of the organizations, we promote the development of their activities in order to support them in the fulfillment of their goals and objectives.

Contact us at the number (57) (4) 444 0555 Ext. 1964 or write to us at extension@ces.edu.co


Recognition, analysis and assessment of needs.

Consulting and
technical assistance

Technical support for decision making and problem solving.

design and
project execution

Planning, formulation and implementation of successful projects.

and audit

Evaluation, monitoring, control and improvement based on quality and current regulations.

Services of

Observation, control and surveillance of the provision and management of public and private services.


Research projects and development of scientific, technical, training works.

Consulting lines


Management with emphasis on quality, safety and health at work, public health and technology evaluation.


Advice and consultancy on legal security of information.

Risk management

Accompaniment to companies that wish to start the identification and management of risks.

· Public health
· Care Management
· Health technology assessment
· Mental Health
· Oral Health
· Physiotherapy
· Health promotion
· Disease prevention

· Quality and health audit
· Health and safety at work
· Prehospital Actions
· Safety and high risk tasks
· Epidemiology and biostatistics
· Animal Health and Production
· Health and Animal Welfare
· Tropical Medicine
· Pathology

· Public Law
· Private Law
· Criminal Law
· ICT Law
· Labor law, social security and risks

· Ethics and Bioethics
· Privacy
Information security
· Intellectual Property
· Risk data processing

· Health
· Health at Work
· Security agroalimentaria

· Labor Risks
Risks administrative


Business management, marketing, sales, service, logistics, human talent, leadership.

and nutrition

Accompaniment in product design, nutritional and sensory quality and regulatory compliance.

and technology

Innovation, technology management in health, biomaterials, human factors and rehabilitation.

· Marketing and sales
· Logistics
· Human talent management
· Big Data
· Retail

· Innovation
· Entrepreneurship
· Leadership, coaching and NLP
· Welfare and organizational development
· Management and accounting costs

• Anthropometry
• Nutrition for physical activity and sport
• Product design and food innovation

• Sensory evaluation of food and beverages
• Nutritional gastronomy and institutional food
• Food and nutrition security

· Human Factors and veterinary rehabilitation
· Innovation for Health

· Biomaterials and tissue engineering
· Clinical engineering and health technology management


Analysis and development of products, activity evaluations, validation of processes and regulations.


Impact studies, restoration, compensation, identification of biodiversity organisms.


Animal health and welfare, animal production, agribusiness, public health and food safety.

· Quality of the pharmaceutical sector
· Pharmaceutical Technology

· Biotechnology
· Pharmaceutical Clinic

· Ecological Restoration
· Environmental impact studies
· Environmental compensation plans
· Biodiversity studies from non - invasive techniques
· Advising the hydropower industry
· Morphological and molecular identification of biodiversity organisms
· Photoidentification plant specimens
· Preparation and storage of specimens of biodiversity, including matrices for DNA extraction

· Efficient use of resources
· Integral management of solid waste
· Sustainable mobility
· Eco advertising
· Design of sustainable products and spaces
· Measuring carbon footprint
· Circular Economy
· Flora and fauna

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics and the Center for Veterinary and Zootechnics provide consulting and advisory services on issues related to animal welfare, good livestock practices, animal reproduction, poultry and pig production,

and the protection and conservation of wild fauna, through the signing of contracts and agreements with public and private entities.