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For the first time in Colombia, the global business simulator for the retail sector will be launched: Storewars. It is a simulation model of which the Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences of the CES University in agreement with the retail and mass consumption community of Latin America, América Retail assumed the representation in the country.

The simulator, a software and an analysis and discussion methodology, allows these business decisions to be simulated between work groups in three days. Each group is strategically integrated by commercial representatives of large stores and suppliers. There, they are focused with their tools, in spaces of deliberation and exposition of the strategy, which are the most assertive decisions for the company.

Photograph of the brochure that explains the simulator

Business decisions are simulated that if a company generally takes them in the normal, daily period, it can see results in eight, twelve months or more. But they are simulated to see the impact of making those decisions in three days. What kinds of decisions? Enter a new category, open a new point of sale, manage a promotional strategy, in short”, Explained Juan Carlos Escudero Montoya, Extension coordinator of the Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences of the CES University.

This discussion model is intended to be applied in June of this year. To this end, the objective is to form five groups integrated with 5 or 6 people with managerial decision-making power within the companies. Each person would assume an average cost of $ 1,300 for the activity.

As it is an international license, for the application of the software and the methodology, a Russian representative of Storewars in Europe will do the installation while a methodological facilitator comes from America Retal de Chile. The sessions will take place at the CES University facilities in Medellín.

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