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In the photo appear the members of the Hackathon 2019

The Hackathon is an innovation initiative of the CES University, in which an interdisciplinary team of students, and a transdisciplinary team of professionals, meet and work towards the solution of a previously defined challenge. This activity took place last Friday, May 3, 2019.

In this edition, 36 students from the different programs of the University participated, such as Medicine, Technology in Pre-hospital Care (APH) and Biomedical Engineering. And it was organized by the directors of the programs and the CES Clinic, supported by the Research and Innovation Directorate and with the sponsorship of Dr. Óscar Álvarez, founding graduate of the CES University.

During this space, tools of innovation such as Lean Canvas, Brainstorming, computer-aided design or CAD and 3D printing are used. At the end, the participants present their proposals in a pitch-type round (short presentation of 5 minutes).

Photograph of one of the moments of the Hackathon 2019

This year, 7 challenges with real needs were proposed, and the same teams selected those needs with which they felt the most affinity.”This was stated by the professor of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Diego Alejandro Velásquez Puerta.

At the Hackathon, the projects were presented in front of a jury made up of Dr. Oscar Álvarez, directors of the Medicine, APH and Biomedical Engineering programs, and entrepreneurs outside the CES University. The first three places were awarded with a prize of 100USD, 75USD and 50USD respectively. This year's winners were:

The first place went to 'Silent care' with the challenge 'The non-audible alarm to solve noise in the neonatal ICU'. 'Painless' took second place, with the challenge of 'The quantitative evaluation of pain in patients, taking into account the subjectivity in perception and the impact of this when generating treatments'. Finally, in third place was 'APMEDBI' with the challenge of 'The pain and discomfort caused by saddlers carrying saddles, which are very heavy and with poor ergonomic designs'.

The student of Biomedical Engineering of the CES University, Juan Esteban Arias Ruiz, participant of the Hackathon 2019, affirmed “I would live this experience again, because it teaches us to work as a team, to listen to the ideas of others, to look further and that every time we can improve more. And also that it is very important to integrate knowledge”.

This event promotes a culture of innovation in the learning process of students, the development of skills such as teamwork and communication skills.”, Expressed the teacher Velásquez Puerta.

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