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In the photo are some students and teachers of the Faculty of Dentistry With the aim of providing support in different topics of interest in oral health for older adults, 13 volunteer students and 2 teachers from the CES University School of Dentistry began the Educational Days for the group of Healthy Neighbors of Hospital Pablo on April 10. Tobón Uribe.

Since March 2018, the We Are Neighbors Program incorporated a strategy called Healthy Neighbors, which aims to promote healthy lifestyles in the residents of the Pablo Tobón Uribe Hospital, through physical activity”Said Deisy Posada, a social worker at the Pablo Tobón Uribe Hospital.

Physical activities take place three days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), at 6:30 am, in the Hospital facilities and around 40 neighbors with an average age of 60 years participate, who mainly reside in the Lopez de Mesa, Bosques de San Pablo, Altamira, Córdoba and Pilarica neighborhoods.

This year, within the planning of the strategy, priority was given to incorporating other topics of healthy lifestyle habits into physical activity, such as: hand washing, prevention of tobacco consumption, oral health, among others.

Photos of a dental student, giving talks on oral health

To this end, a training project was structured based on the current knowledge in oral health of the group in question and dates were defined for holding the meetings where it is intended to promote oral self-care and awareness of the importance of oral health. oral health in general health.


Paula Natalia Mejia Pérez, teacher and academic coordinator of the 1st and last year of the CES University School of Dentistry, stated “With this type of program we all win, the students and the University is very important and enriching, because on the one hand the students learn that oral health is not only built in a dental chair, that it is also built collectively, the U wins visibility, the community feels participatory in collective learning spaces and the Pablo Tobón Hospital strengthens its initiative by working hand in hand with other institutions, such as the CES University”.

This program will have 8 oral health education sessions carried out by the students of our Faculty of Dentistry based on the prior identification of needs with the population.

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