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The CES Solidarity Fund (FSC) has provided 1,993 supports this first half of the year, in which difficulties have been identified that prevent the proper course of the professional careers of young people. It should be noted that in 2020, 4,244 supports were delivered to students of the University.

For this 2021 have been delivered so far 1,187 supports in scholarships, 401 aids to learn a second language with the University, 286 aids in food, 52 aids in connectivity (internet and computer loans), 27 supports with the payment of the tuition of the semester (in some cases complete and in others, a partial percentage), 20 aids for uniforms, 10 in accommodation for foreign students and another 10 aids in transport subsidies.

The University created a strategy through the Plan Padrino program together with the CES Solidarity Fund, in which a batch of 80 computers was made available as a loan for students with difficulties of access to technological equipment. In addition, data plans were granted for the 4 academic months, in which the Institution was responsible for the payment of these.

Regarding the mental health of students, teachers and employees, this has been one of the aspects that have been strengthened from Institutional Well-being through psychological accompaniment, cultural and sports activities in which people can balance their personal, family, academic and work lives; following our commitment to people as a family-responsible company.

"From Institutional Welfare we have offered sports, cultural, entertainment and leisure activities that have had a strong link with classrooms and virtual platforms. We now know that there are a lot of dynamic options that are offered through apps, where you can interact with students, train teachers, among others. Virtuality is here to stay,"said Carolina Cardona Álvarez, a social worker at CES University.

For the second semester, fsc's objectives are to ensure the permanence of students so that they continue with their training process. More than figures, they are dreams, people and families who fulfill dreams and contribute to a better society.

It is hoped to continue to positively impact the mental health of students, teachers and employees, promote entertainment spaces and generate a closer link with the community, adapting all the processes that were carried out before the pandemic to digital platforms.

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