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Image of the CES University campus

For this year 2019, the University ranked 15th in the Scimago ranking at the national level and 722th internationally, climbing 11 and 34 positions, respectively, according to last year's results.

The Scimago ranking is part of some ladders that allow establishing how much the University has developed a scientific production, and this is valued with respect to the following elements:

The total number of scientific documents that the University researchers and research groups have registered in journals that are indexed in a database called 'Scopus', of bibliographic citations that each of these publications has received, of scientific articles that As a result of the development of collaborative work with foreign institutions and standardized figures of the Institution, the University researchers have elaborated, not from the article, but the number of times that the CES University is a beneficiary of the citations.

Image of CES University building C

Did you know? In Colombia there are about 280 Higher Education Institutions and in the world about 19,500. Where CES University, in both categories, is located in quartile 1, of the best universities ranked by Scimago in 2019.

The Director of Research and Innovation of the CES University, Rubén Darío Manrique Hernández, told us: “I can proudly say that the University is a university aware of the importance of the scientific work of its teachers, students and researchers. And being in a ranking of these in the quartiles that we have calculated, they have to be a source of pride and encouragement because we are doing the task well.”.

So far, in 2019, the University has 36 research groups, in all areas of study of the U, registered by Colciencias, of which 28 are in the ranks of classification of excellence, and of these, 10 are classified in the highest ranks: A1 and A.

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