In the Fundadores Library of the CES University we are an “open-minded Library” that supports and contributes to the functions of teaching, research and innovation and extension; through the management and dissemination of innovative and high-quality information resources and services, qualified personnel, state-of-the-art physical and technological infrastructure.
We encourage the culture of information in our academic community as an element that fosters and generates individual and social changes, immersed in the philosophy of the CES University expressed in its Institutional Educational Project of excellence.

We work every day to be:

An open-minded library: que traspasa las barreras de acceso al conocimiento y ofrece a sus usuarios productos, servicios innovadores y de excelencia.
A smart library: que se beneficia de los avances tecnológicos para generar valor agregado en sus procesos y servicios.
A playful library: que ofrece a sus usuarios alternativas de formatos y acceso al conocimiento, a través de nuevas opciones de lectura de la información y del entorno.
A welcoming library: que invita a permanecer en ella y propicia espacios para la generación de conocimiento y esparcimiento.
A library of excellence: que aprende, se retroalimenta y mejora constantemente sus servicios, siendo líder y referente para otras bibliotecas universitarias.

The Fundadores Library, as a management unit for academic and scientific information resources, makes free access to information and knowledge available to the entire academic community of the CES University through training activities, bibliographic and technological resources and information services. .

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We inform the entire university community thatas of Monday, September 6, 2021 and until further notice the Library's service hours are:

Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm
Saturdays 8:00 a.m. to 13:00 p.m.

The trainings, consultancies and face-to-face and virtual inductions are focused on the scientific and information needs of the academic community of CES University, through our informational skills development program we teach how to access, know, understand, interpret, evaluate and use the resources offered by the university, and thus contribute to the generation of useful knowledge for academia and society.

Our courses are fully customizable and designed according to the particular thematic need or their duration.

User training levels:

  • Introduction to the library : aimed especially at first-semester students and nurseries, in it the basic aspects of the library such as collections, services, schedules and others are made known.
  • Management of bibliographic resources I: aimed at the entire academic community, it aims to offer elements in the management of databases and tools for administration and bibliographic citation.
  • Management of bibliographic resources II: aimed at the entire academic community, this modality includes bases for searching and retrieving information on the Internet.

Request for training and qualifications

You can schedule consultations and training in the use of bibliographic information resources, bibliographic managers, norms for the presentation of academic works and others through the following link: Get to know our schedule of courses and training

In the Fundadores Library we have a specialized and updated bibliographic collection, made up of physical and electronic collections where the university community will find books, magazine titles, electronic resources and audiovisual media.

  • General collection: bibliographic material of a general nature and specialized in the different areas of knowledge. It includes books, monographs, treatises, essays, conference proceedings, seminars, and research reports. The external loan time is 15 calendar days.
  • Reserve collection: bibliographic material with loan restriction due to its high consultation and request can be identified within the physical collection by an orange sticker. The external loan time is from Monday to Thursday from 4:00 p.m. the next day before 9:00 a.m. and on Fridays from 1:00 p.m. to Monday before 9:00 a.m.
  • Reference collection : these are materials with immediate and elementary information, such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, yearbooks, atlases, maps, among others. Available at the Library for internal consultation only.
  • Heritage collection: made up of bibliographic material that, due to its content, origin, format, edition or age, acquire historical value and deserve to be conserved as sources of research and registration of the cultural memory of humanity.
  • Newspaper library: made up of printed serial publications with specific and specialized topics, basically magazines, yearbooks and newsletters. The external loan time is 15 calendar days.
  • Collection of theses and degree works: it contains the theses and degree works prepared by the students of our university as a requirement for obtaining the university degree. Since 2011, this collection has been available in electronic format and can be consulted through the Institutional Digital Repository - ReDiCES.
  • Collection of electronic resources: gathers all the specialized databases, referential or in full text, electronic books, electronic journals and theses that the library signs annually. Its access is available 24 hours a day inside and outside the university.

The G8 Libraries is a collaborative working group created in June 2005, made up of the libraries of the universities:

  • Lasallian University Corporation
  • EIA University
  • CES University
  • University of Antioquia
  • EAFIT University
  • University of Medellin
  • National University Medellín headquarters
  • Pontifical Bolivarian University

They are part of the G8 agreement signed by the rectors of these eight higher education institutions in the city of Medellín and its metropolitan area; offers about 80,500 students, in addition to teachers, graduates and employees of each of the universities, access to more than 2 million bibliographic materials, both printed and electronic.

The physical spaces offered by the library are dedicated to tasks related to academic, research or cultural activities. The spaces that can be reserved are:

  • Cinema hall
  • Music room
  • Virtual room
  • Heritage room

If you wish to reserve any of our physical spaces in the Fundadores Library, you can do so through the following link: Library space reservations

The entire academic community of the CES University has at its disposal the face-to-face and virtual services offered by the Fundadores Library.

If you already have active access, you do not need to register, go directly to the DATABASES

If you already have a username and password but do not remember them, write to

If you do not have active access to the services, you must fill out the following form.

Registration to the Founders Library

IMPORTANT: Tendrás activo el acceso entre 24 y 48 horas después de la inscripción.

At the Fundadores Library we will be attentive, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm, to receive all concerns and resolve them in the shortest possible time.

Through our service online reference Ask the librarian We will give you answers to brief and precise queries about the search and location of information, request for user training and guidance to access the different services.

For other types of queries you can write to us at email and call our phone lines: 604 4440555 ext. 1131 – 1132 – 1437

Access to databases and electronic resources

Electronic bibliographic resources in all areas of knowledge.

On-line catalogue

Consultation of bibliographic material available in the library.

ReDiCES: Institutional Digital Repository

Here you will find the scientific, academic and cultural production of the university.

The Fundadores Library of the CES University offers access to bibliographic databases of academic, scientific and technical content, such as magazine articles, books, theses, conferences, videos, images, etc. These databases contain relevant information; updated, accurate, verified and of quality to carry out the academic, scientific and innovation activities of our university community.

Students, teachers, researchers, employees and graduates of CES University have access to scientific and academic resources. Access to bibliographic databases and electronic resources is available on and off the university campus and must be done through a username and password assigned by the library staff.

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Through the online catalog you will be able to consult the bibliographic material available in the library, as well as reserve materials and renew your loans.

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Scientific, academic and cultural production, as well as editorial production, preserving the institutional memory of the CES University.

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Graduate services

Our graduates have access to all the services offered by the library.

Request for scientific articles

Scientific articles request service for students, teachers, graduates and researchers.

Magazine finder

Access to all our electronic journals available in the databases.

As a graduate of the CES University you can use the services of the Fundadores Library, including access to the databases that you will find in the following link

Through this service, the Fundadores Library supports the university community in obtaining free scientific articles and other documents that are not available in our physical and electronic collections.

Through “Celsius”, a system used to manage users' requests for bibliographic material, we attend to supply requests from other participating institutions, facilitating the exchange of documents and information. Celsius

Through this journal search engine you will be able to access the electronic resources of the different disciplines and areas of knowledge and obtain certified and high-quality academic information. Sign in


Know the rules of use and provision of the services of the Fundadores Library

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Beyond the network:
Programa CES radio

Radio program carried out by the Fundadores Library where topics on the role of libraries and information in society and their contribution to culture and science are addressed.

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Here you will find digital books and audiobooks of different literary genres available for loan. Plus

New books

All new books and the latest bibliographic acquisitions find them in the following link: New arrivals