We are with you


It is a comprehensive support strategy for our students, which aims to improve the conditions of permanence at the University through:

Individual psychological counseling: Personalized meeting space to provide information, tools and support to better face aspects of academic performance, motivation, social skills, assertive communication, self-esteem, human relations and adaptation to the environment.

Student accompaniment: comprehensive group training spaces to work on aspects that support the adaptive and training process in the different stages of university life


• Vocational guidance seedbeds: group workshops for reflection on the vocational guidance process and life project of the CES aspiring population.

• Adaptation, characterization and cohesion: reflective playful workshops that work on themes of cohesion and group union, teamwork and adaptation to university life for students from first to third semester.

• Materializing my life project: reflective workshops to support the consolidation of the personal and professional life project and the work of future professionals, we work with students from the fourth to the sixth semester.

• Successful graduation: experiential workshops on self-knowledge and empowerment. We work with students from the seventh to the tenth semester.