Diversity, interculturality and inclusion

We want to promote the inclusion, respect and adaptation of students with various special needs, thus supporting comprehensive institutional training.



Accompaniment program to the adaptation process of foreign students of the University, through:

• Psychosocial support and support networks
• Cultural outings
• Academic monitoring
• Advice on stationery and student insurance
• Cultural agenda.

How to take part?
Register in the database of foreign students in Institutional Wellbeing.

Pasaporte CES

Thinking of your Well-being we create the Pasaporte CESIn it, you will be able to access useful information about the university and the city, how to get around, where to eat, areas of the U, activities, accommodation and much more so that your arrival at CES University and Medellín are memorable.

Inclusion table

Space for the generation of alliances and agreements with educational institutions and public and private entities to share and apply experiences related to inclusion.

Accessibility Committee

Interdisciplinary team for the study, planning and execution of actions that improve mobility and access for people with disabilities.