Artistic and cultural training

We offer workshops, free courses for the development of knowledge and artistic and cultural capacities of the university community.

Artistic expressions

Management and promotion of artistic groups made up of members of the university community, with which it is sought to promote and foster artistic talent and capacities and institutional representation.

Current groups:

• Latin American music group
• New song group
• Voces Group (choir)
• Jazz group
• Group of world music
• Rock group
• Chamber music group
• Sinfín Teatro
• Experimental dance group
• Arab dance group

Artistic manifestation

Activities that aim to support the training of audiences for art and culture, raise awareness and generate a dialogue with the various artistic expressions and offer enjoyment and enjoyment.

• Scenic - Amateur Theater University Festival
• Art in the classroom
• Mercadillo CES
• University Song Festival
• Dance, theater and music day
• University conferences
• Concerts, plays, dance performances, oral narration, art exhibitions

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