Our objetive

We seek to strengthen the comprehensive training of our CES students through programs and actions that enhance leadership, co-responsibility and social sense.

• School of Leaders:
Espacio de formación y reflexión para los estudiantes CES en el que puedan potencializar o desarrollar su capacidad de guía, sus habilidades de liderazgo, habilidades sociales y de toma de decisiones, y ampliar o fortalecer las redes de apoyo y el sentido de corresponsabilidad.

Formative process: The group of CES leaders is divided into four levels of formation and reflection: PeCES, HaCES, VeloCES and CES Leaders. Each one consists of a main task and some subtasks that, related to the profile of the CES student and graduate, will guide the participant's experience towards the transformation into a CES Leader.

"Knowing myself to know the other"

Main task: recognize personal characteristics, including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, knowledge, capacities and experiences that they have had as leaders or that they can potentiate to become.

"Know the other in relationship to accompany him"

Main task: know the other in all its dimensions, in this way and through the relationship with him, identify his needs, concerns or requirements in order to create, organize and plan strategies to guide the achievement of personal or group goals .

"Create to build the road"

Main task: recognize, develop, organize, create and select strategies that allow solving the needs and / or problems that are identified and can be transformed for the well-being of a person or a group.

At this level, the participants lead the creation of activities or projects for improvement or intervention of a need or problem identified during their training process.

In this sense, students can choose one of the following lines of action for the project proposal:

PARTS: consists of accompanying and providing support to foreign students or conducting academic monitoring of their semesters with an identified academic difficulty. It refers to the performance of tasks of a social nature in institutions or communities.

MarketCES: involves providing help and support at institutional events.

CES Welfare Manager: consists of supporting processes that are generated from the Institutional Welfare area (art and culture, sports, LAPYS, PSU).

"Leading to transform and transform ourselves together"

Main task: execution of the project or activity proposed at the VeloCES level, with the aim of leading actions in favor of social and institutional transformation and of reflecting on and analyzing the situations that may revolve around said process, for example, obstacles, challenges, capacities developed or to be improved and other situations that a leader must face when carrying out his functions.

BEING A CES LEADER is being a person characterized by creativity and innovation, by their ability to organize, plan, initiate and direct activities that allow them to enjoy university spaces through active participation. In addition, the CES leader must become someone who has the ability to recognize and identify the needs of the people around him or the group to which he belongs, be someone with conflict resolution skills and make assertive decisions in order to provide, in the best way, the attention, service and well-being that allow the transformation of society.

Student council

We seek to promote democratic principles and values within the educational community through the participation of student representatives of the CES University, in addition to replicating in the different faculties, the creation of student associations in order to have direct contact with students. , articulating them with the processes carried out by Institutional Wellbeing.

CES Ambassadors

It is a training program on issues of interculturality, international procedures, portability, health, academic monitoring, among other topics, for students, in order to facilitate the adaptation and accompaniment of foreign students who visit the University for academic mobility or internship international.