Human Potential Management

We generate methodologies that allow our workers to discover for themselves the way to recognize and make aware, the perception they have of each one and from this place to make their contribution to the CES Organization.

Skills and human potential
We accompany leaders in the search for alternatives for aligning their teams in terms of competencies, supported by strategies such as:

- Identify the strategic competencies and align them with the goals of the company.

- Analyze the gap between the current skills profiles of all employees and the ideal excellence skills profile of the positions to be held.

- Establish action plans that reduce the gap between current and desired profiles

-Administration of competencies: we guarantee the inclusion of the competences adopted by the university, in the selection processes, training and improvement plans.

-Selection by competencies: we select from the medium, the most suitable profiles, from the competencies established in the CES organization, to fill the required vacancies at the university. Likewise, we guarantee the evaluation actions of internal promotions, enabling workers in promotion or transfer to continue with their possibilities of advancement at the University.

-Performance evaluation: we accompany the employee evaluation process as a route to excellence, combining the demands required for university positions with constant improvement actions.

-Improvement Plans: we generate different strategies that accompany the constant process of projection of competencies of our academic community.

Formation and development
We deal with the training and development of human capital at the University as a key factor. We deal with the design and implementation of training cycles as a route to excellence, well-being and individual and collective organizational satisfaction.

-Training and development for all University workers at the administrative, care, operational and teaching staff levels.

Current training cycles:

- Impact of your smile Poblado, Sabaneta and CVZ
- Everything at your service Poblado, Sabaneta and CVZ
- Alignment of teams Poblado, Sabaneta and CVZ
- Protagonists of the future in the present
- Pressure for passion
- Superheroes and our family, Poblado, Sabaneta and Clínica CES
- Footprints from reason to heart CVZ
- Unique people (Executives and professionals with staff in charge)
- Profes 4.0
- CES3 training
- Training in the role Poblado Sabaneta and CVZ
- Induction and administrative training
- Times in a hurry, lives without time
- Unique people.
- Induction and training cycle for projects

• Role training
El proceso laboral implica grandes retos en términos de adaptación a equipos de trabajo, funciones, responsabilidades, jefes y acciones; acompañamos a nuestros trabajadores para que estas situaciones se conviertan en un descubrimiento constante de sus potencialidades de vida laboral y personal.

Its scope allows the intervention in the space of individual consultancies to the academic community.