Scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students

Student scholarships are led from our area.

Learn about them and how you can apply

Own scholarships

• Support CES Solidarity Fund
• Social responsibility scholarship
• Scholarship for employee's child
• Firefighters Sabaneta
• Soldier Wounded in Combat (National Police)
• Sports and artistic merit
• Scholarship minorities: indigenous and Afro-descendants
• Victims and displacement scholarship
• Postgraduate support for teaching and administrative employees
• Scholarship for academic excellence schools

Foundations Agreement

• Sofía Pérez de Soto Foundation
• Ignatian Asia- Loyola Foundation
• Medellín Fraternity
• Haceb Foundation - CES
• Postobón Talents

Agreement with companies

Association of Porcicultores de Antioquia. –APA–

Agreement with public entities

• Generation E. (Being a Pile Pay)
• Sapiencia Undergraduate Fund. EPM and universities
• I overcame. Municipality of Envigado
• Municipality of La Estrella
• Best Bachelors. SAPIENCIA and municipalities
• Promotion of Higher Education / Rionegro Grant.
• Students from communities with special constitutional protection (ICETEX)
• Participatory Budgeting (ICETEX - SAPIENCIA)

Postgraduate scholarships

• Postgraduate Sapiencia Fund - Extending Borders.
• Juan Pablo Gutiérrez Cáceres