Our support groups

This program is aimed at the entire student population in order to evaluate, diagnose and monitor study methods and academic adaptation during the training process, through the following actions:

• Group and individual counseling: free spaces for the application and return of the learning styles test, the teaching of study methods, tips on study hygiene, time management, stress management in front of exams, techniques for reading comprehension, in addition to the diagnosis of specific difficulties in learning.

• Cycles of learning to learn: cycle of group workshops in which the topics necessary for the academic adaptation of first-semester students are worked on.

• Comprehensive support for elite athletes: support and accompaniment space for high-performance athletes CES in order to offer a flexible academic program that contributes to the development of their sports training and academic discipline in a comprehensive manner.

• Teaching support: spaces for dialogue and training for teachers on different topics related to emotional support for students and adjustments in teaching methodology.