Do you know how we support you?

We will generate well-being through our institutional support network creating multiple alternatives for students, especially for those who have financial difficulties and / or have special conditions.

We create reflective spaces that promote the strengthening of personal, academic and social aspects.

We provide psychological or social counseling to the student who has specific problems in order to generate resources or coping strategies.

Sponsorship program for students to support their training process and permanence at the University.

Who contributes?
Students, teachers, employees, parents and graduates.

Who benefits?
Students who have difficulties in acquiring their academic implements.

What can you donate?
New or in good condition such as: uniforms, books, study material, dental or medical instruments.

To receive this benefit you must enroll in the registration form.

Space for students who are parents in order to generate a psychosocial support network to address concerns and share experiences that favor learning and the development of coping strategies and adaptability in this important role.

Here you can receive:

  • Psychological and psychopedagogical counseling
  • Guidance on parenting guidelines
  • Activation of social and family networks
  • Life skills and life project
  • Pregnancy and baby care
  • Advice on study methods

We provide CES transportation service for students, employees and teachers with a valid license and outsourcing personnel: Coopevian, Ezwama Foundation, Cafeteria borrowers, A&S with a rechargeable card enabled.

New students who still do not have the institutional card at the reception of Institutional Welfare and Human Development can claim a provisional card that they must return once the card is delivered. If they do not make the return, they will be charged the value of $ 20,000 pesos.

Get to know our routes, schedules and university transport rates

CES University shuttle service schedules - Routes

If you are a new student and you still do not have the institutional card, you can go to the reception of Human Development and Institutional Wellbeing and claim a provisional one. Once they give you the institutional card, you must return the provisional one. If you do not make the return, a charge of $ 20,000 COP will be generated.

University Community: Students, teachers, administrators.

It is essential to have your card updated and active
• You can recharge your card at the parking payment points located in building B, floors 1 and 4 and block C, entrance hall and floor 3
• Keep in mind that if you do not have a load on the card, you will not be able to use the transport service
• Each bus will have a reader, you must pass your card and the value of the route will be discounted.

Keep in mind
• The bus will NOT stop in unauthorized places
• The service is exclusive for the CES university community (students, employees, teachers) with a valid card.
• Travel times have been calculated with a normal flow of city traffic.
• Vehicles will be identified with the logo of the University and the route, when you see it in the stop areas you must make a sign to be able to get on
• Each bus has a limited passenger capacity and must be respected

Make sense of your trip!
Be part of the CES culture:
• It is up to you to arrive on time and be punctual, you are the one who should wait for the bus, not the bus for you.
• The bus belongs to everyone, take care of its interior and do not consume food, drinks and / or cigarettes.
• Let us travel comfortably, each passenger will have their seat, standing passengers will not be allowed.
• Put harmony in your trip, say hello, say goodbye and be nice.
• Respect the turn when entering or getting off the bus, consent and do it.

For more information, contact us at or by phone (57) (4) 4440555 Ext. 1441

Student Civic Card

Deadline for delivery: February 19, 2021

You can access the benefits of the Student Civic Cardmeeting the following requirements:

• Be enrolled in the University
• Reside in a home that is classified in strata 1, 2 or 3
• Be between 10 and up to 28 years of age at the time of enrollment
• Require public transport to move (more than 1,000 meters, equivalent to 12.5 blocks), between your residence and the University
• Certify that you are a beneficiary of a higher education fund: EPM, Participative Budget, Municipality of Medellín Scholarship, or that you are the beneficiary of a scholarship that subsidizes the entire cost of tuition.

If you are interested, you must fill out the followingvirtual form. Also, you must send scanned these documents to the
• Unique registration form -Download
• Copy of identity document
• Copy of civic card
• Copy of public services
• Deliver the documentation at the Wellbeing offices

Download the instruction of the Student Civic Card

Action aimed at students with financial difficulties who receive food support during the academic semester.

Institutional Wellbeing and Human Development holds a semester call for students interested in the benefit, who must meet certain requirements and responsibilities to be elected.
Some university cafeterias are part of this program and the benefited students can access their food through a fingerprint reader device.

These are our allied restaurants by means of fingerprint:

• Subway - Floor 2 building A
• Café Lebón - Floor 2 building A
• CES Restaurant - Floor 3 building C
• Burguertaco - Food Boulevard building C
• Cafeteria Diegus - Food Boulevard building C
• Green House - Floor 4 building B
• Pistachio - Floor 7 building B
• Coco Melón - Floor 10 building B
• Cafetería Sabaneta - IPS Sabaneta food area

Value of the benefit: $ 6,500 from Monday to Friday from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm (not accumulative). The benefit is personal and non-transferable.

Feeding through vouchers

• Chepas - food truck edificio C.
• 3/4 grill - food truck area building C.
• Café Lebón - Floor 2 building A
• Fast Food – zona food truck edificio C.
• Cocomelón - Floor 10 building B

We have a database of the neighboring community that offer accommodation to University students.

This service is only and exclusively for information on available accommodation. CES University does not manage student accommodation.

In the Institutional Wellbeing offices you can find all the information.

The CES Solidarity Fund is consolidated as a sustainable strategy that promotes solidarity in its interest groups with the aim of contributing to the access and permanence of students with economic difficulties to quality higher education; as well as generating capacities in communities with social inequality, with which the university has some kind of relationship and wishes to generate a significant impact.

We materialize solidarity in opportunities that promote greater benefits for society with inclusion and equity.

Enter and know all the information