Building A - Luis Carlos Muñoz Uribe

Aerial photo of Building A - Administrative

Administrative office

  • Floor 3: there is the Information Technology Area - IT - and SUAT and the Accounting, Treasury, Administrative Coordination and Infrastructure areas.
  • Floor 4: offices of Sustainability, Extension, Organizational Communication and Marketing, Payroll and Labor Relations, Editorial CES and Coordination of Innovation, Research and Entrepreneurship.
  • Floor 5: we find the Rectory, the Academic Directorate, the Research and Innovation Directorate, the Administrative and Financial Directorate, the General Secretariat, Planning, Global Affairs and the Alumni office.


  • Floor 1 and 2: different classrooms equipped with projectors, televisions and ergonomic chairs.

Restaurants and recreation areas

  • Floor 2: two cafeterias.
  • Arboretum or Arboretum, located in the rear area of buildings A and C, is a collection of more than 500 native trees of Colombia. In Medellín there are only two arboretums and one can be found at our CES University.
  • Guadua forest with a rest area and kiosks , and a coffee and cañauzal area.