Building B - Luis Alfonso Vélez Correa

Aerial photo of Building B - Wellbeing

Spaces for your well-being, restaurants and recreation areas

  • Floor -1: music room, crafts room and study areas
  • Floor 1: Guillermo Cárdenas Jaramillo Theater . With capacity for 500 people and hall for commercial stands and food bubble
  • Floor 2: study areas
  • Floor 3: study areas
  • Floor 4: psychological offices, first aid, heights track, cafeteria, dance and performing arts classroom; two coffee makers and a large rest area with tables, sofas, puffs and a green wall that contributes to the environment by absorbing CO2 from vehicles
  • Floor 5: study areas and small cafeteria
  • Floor 6: study areas
  • Floor 7: squash courts, table tennis, pool tables, cafeteria, video games area
  • Floor 8: study areas
  • Floor 9: meeting rooms and study areas
  • 10th floor: CES gym and a cafeteria
  • 11th floor: study areas
  • 12th floor: study areas
  • Floor 13: Luis Alfonso Vélez Correa Competences Training Center and University Coliseum

Academic classes

You can find classrooms on floors -2, -1, 5, 10, 11, and 12.

Administrative office

  • Floor -2: CESNUTRAL and offices of the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences
  • Floor 3 : Contact Center offices
  • Floor 4: offices of Institutional Wellbeing and Human Development, Audiovisual and Logistics
  • Floor 5: Language Center
  • Floor 6 : Graduate School and teachers' offices
  • Floor 9 : teachers and projects offices

Parking lot

Parking cells for:

  • 477 vehicles
  • 133 motorcycles
  • 16 bikes with an electric point
  • Two positions for electric vehicles with chargers of different brands
  • The peak and plate measurement only applies in the parking lot of Building B