Building C

Aerial photo of Building C - Cloister

Virtual Tour - Building C

We invite you to take a tour of the facilities of Building C - Cloister. Get to know all the spaces we have for you at CES University.

First floor

Second floor

Spaces for your well-being, restaurants and recreation areas

  • Floor 1: Founders Library,CES Medina Museum, Alfonso Escobar Rojas Maximum Classroom, Exhibition Hall, Nirvana sculpture, first aid, cafeterias and food stands, food truck area and Bancolombia ATM.
  • Floor 2: Zen garden with dining area, study and rest.
  • Floor 3: Restaurant N Cocina y Nutrición of the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences located by the exit to the Cola del Zorro parking lots.

Classrooms and educational spaces

  • Floors 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5: classrooms, laboratories and simulation spaces
  • Floor 4: four computer rooms

Administrative office

  • Level 1: Faculties of Law, Psychology, Economic and Administrative Sciences, Engineering, Nutrition and Food Sciences; Admissions and Registration, Cash, Financial Support, Identification, Parking Service (COINS), Print-CES photocopier, audiovisuals.
  • Floor 2: Faculty of Medicine (Medicine and Prehospital Care), laboratory office and Founders Room.
  • Floor 3: Faculties of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics (MVZ) and Dentistry, teachers' offices and Virtual CES.
  • Floor 4: Faculties of Sciences and Biotechnology (Biology, Ecology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Regency of Pharmacy), Physiotherapy, Nursing, teachers' offices.

Parking lot

Parking cells for:

  • 25 vehicles
  • 20 motorcycles
  • The Cola del Zorro parking lot, located in Building C, has a lower cost and does not have the size of the peak and plate