Colombian Institute of Tropical Medicine -ICMT-

Photo door of entrance to the ICMT

The Colombian Institute of Tropical Medicine "Antonio Roldán Betancur" -ICMT-, is a non-profit mixed participation corporation, with public and social interest purposes, which seeks through scientific research, teaching, intervention and consulting in public health, assistance in human and animal health and the sale of products and services, solving the problems of the community and the company, exercising a leadership role at the national and international level, as a center of excellence in science, technology and innovation. It is located on the 1st floor, close to the student lockers.

Facilities and equipment

• Research Laboratory

• IPS ICMT Sabaneta

• Laboratory of Medical Entomology

• Industrial Microbiology Laboratory

• Production centers

• Reagent production plant in vitro

• Biological production plant

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