IPS CES Sabaneta

Facade photo IPS CES Sabaneta

It is a teaching-service center, where care is offered in dentistry, medicine (dermatology), psychology, physiotherapy, law and nutrition.

Administrative office

  • Floor 1: reception for customer service, administrative offices, Quality, Billing, Cash and SUAT
  • Floor 2: reception for customer service, teachers' offices

Classrooms and educational spaces

  • Basement: dental practice spaces
  • Floor 1 and 2: offices of the different specialties
  • Floor 3 and 4: different classrooms equipped with projectors and televisions, as well as preclinical laboratories and simulators

Restaurants and recreation areas

  • Green areas with different species of trees
  • Floor 5: rest area with beanbags
  • Cafeterias outside the main building

Parking lot

Parking cells for:

  • 270 vehicles
  • 40 motorcycles

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