Facilities and equipment

At CESNUTRAL we have state-of-the-art equipment, specialized personnel and modern facilities that guarantee precision and accuracy in taking body measurements, from which the percentage of fat, muscle mass and bone tissue in a person is estimated and analyzed. Key information for making decisions in specialized nutritional management, directing nutritional and dietary interventions, and clinical and population research for the validation or definition of standards and reference values.

For sensory evaluation, at CESNUTRAL we have the infrastructure and specialized personnel for the planning, execution and analysis of sensory evaluation tests that allow characterizing, evaluating the level of acceptance and the quality conditions of the products, through the application of standardized methodologies. under current international regulations.

Likewise, aware of the importance of sensory evaluation in the release and determination of the quality level of products in industries, we offer the training service for sensory analysis panels of food from production plants.

The spaces and equipment at CESNUTRAL allow offering training in general and therapeutic gastronomy to the general population, groups of professionals and organizations with specific requirements; demonstration processes related to the use of ingredients and supplies, as well as culinary tests and gastronomic transformations.