Comprehensive management clinic for Orofacial Disorders

About us?

We are a group of professionals from CES University in the areas of Dentistry, Psychology and Physiotherapy, united to provide you with a comprehensive approach in the management of facial pain.

Our commitment is to provide you with support at different times of your treatment with the best quality standards.

Meet our professionals at the Orofacial Disorders Clinic

  • Dr. Gustavo Ortíz Orrego (CDO coordinator). CES University Dentist. Specialist in Maxillofacial Surgery - CES University. Master in Pain - University of Salamanca. CES University Professor. Orofacial Disorders Clinic Coordinator.
  • Laura Bustamante Martinez . CES University Psychologist. Magister in Neuropsychology Universidad San Buenaventura. IPS CES Sabaneta Psychologist
  • Marianela Suescun. Physiotherapist CES-UAM University. Specialist in health promotion and communication-CES University. IPS CES Sabaneta Physiotherapist. Professor at the Faculty of Physiotherapy, CES University.
CDO physicians

Identify your discomfort

Answer the following questions and determine if your discomfort should be treated at the Comprehensive Clinic for the management of Orofacial Disorders:

photograph of woman with earache

1. Do you have earache that has been treated and is not getting better?

image of woman with pain in her temples

2. Do you have a headache at the temples?

picture of woman with pain in head and neck

3. Do you have a headache at the neck level?

Image of stressed woman in front of her computer

4. Do you have difficulty managing stress that impacts your daily life?

Image of person using his cell phone in bed at night

5. Do you have difficulty falling asleep?

image of woman with pain in the mouth when biting an apple

6. Do you feel pain in your face when you chew hard food?

picture of woman with pain in her mouth

7. Do you wake up with pain in your face?

picture of woman biting her nails

8. Do you have habits like biting pencils or biting your nails?

picture of woman with pain from clenching teeth at night

9. Do you find yourself clenching your teeth day or night?

picture of woman with pain in her back

10. Have you had back pain in the last 15 days?

If you answered positively to 3 or more questions, it is important that you ask for your appointment.

Schedule your appointment

Mobile: 3157015297

Landline: (57) 604 3043500 ext. 2222 or 2244

Address: IPS CES Sabaneta: Carrera 43 A Nº 52 sur 99