Training Services

Physical training: professional accompaniment in the physical exercise and the individualized prescription of this.

Directed group classes: we have the best disciplines to exercise body and mind, according to the latest global fitness trends. Our directed classes offer dynamism, entertainment, health and the greatest possible well-being to achieve your goals.

  • Cardiovascular: classes where movements of different body segments are integrated with rhythms of different musical genres. These classes allow you to improve the aerobic condition through cardiovascular stimulation, improve coordination and motor skills, body expression, tone, and in addition to regulating your weight, you can spend a pleasant time guided by music and the professional in charge.
  • Toning: a series of classes characterized by physical endurance at the muscular and cardiovascular level, which includes work of intervals with high intensity, varied martial arts and combat techniques, where different sequences of exercises perfectly integrated into physical exercise are used, also finding fun by the use of different elements.
  • Body and mind: it is a system of group classes designed to enhance body movement through awareness and its effectiveness. Different postures are dynamically implemented, movements coordinated with breathing.  The goal is to purify the body, making it easier for the student to follow his or her own pace and move forward gradually. In addition to postural control, strength, flexibility and vitality can be developed.

Personalized and semi-personalized training: comprehensive physical training for people seeking individual accompaniment by exercise and health professionals.