Restaurant N Cuisine and Nutrition

It is a creation of the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences to provide the university community with a conducive space for health based on 3 fundamental concepts.

  1. Mindful eating
  2. Utilization kitchen
  3. Culinary cultures of the world

Conscious eating: it is to empower people in the acquisition of healthy eating practices, related to the correct selection of food and the management of portions that are consumed daily.

Kitchen of use: it is to use the ingredients to the maximum, always allowing to ensure their quality, this being our contribution to sustainability.

Culinary cultures of the world: in the menu you will find a proposal for global cuisine, which incorporates elements of cultures such as Indian, Chinese, Colombian, Peruvian, Cuban, which will broaden the spectrum of our diners' palate.

Additionally, our restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and snacks, but more than this is enjoying a healthy experience with a balanced, varied and delicious diet.