CES Solidarity Fund

What do we do?

We manage resources to support students with financial difficulties. In addition, we develop social programs aimed at communities with social inequality.

Why donate?

Each semester we receive 800 requests for support for tuition, second language, academic exchanges and food.
Together, let’s provide the opportunity for many young people to achieve their dreams of being professionals.

Imagen con texto: cambiando historias, construyendo vidas. Fondo de Solidaridad CES


Imagen con cifras de estudiantes beneficiados por el Fondo de Solidaridad CES


We continue to support the students who need it most during the contingency. If you want to contribute with a donation , log in and follow the instructions.

Fotografía de María Camila Gonzáles, quien obtuvo la beca de oportunidades


The Sustainability and Global Affairs offices delivered the Opportunities Support to the undergraduate student of Psychology, María Camila González Botero.

Fotografía de estudiantes beneficiados para apoyo en pago de matrículas por el Fondo de Solidaridad CES

Support for tuition payment

The Solidarity Fund gave eleven undergraduate students from the different faculties of the institution a percentage of the value of their tuition.

sello fondo de solidaridad CES

Thanks to your contributions, this is possible!

Testimonials of our benefited students