We support students with economic difficulties and with excellent human and academic qualities (enrollment, maintenance, academic mobility, languages ​​and photocopies).

Achievements 2020-1

Scholarship students

17% of the total student population of the University.


$ 3,226,973,976

Support for student scholarships: $ 865,213,913
Student tuition discounts: $ 2,361,760,063

Support from the CES Solidarity Fund

$ 653,766,766

Tuition and support (food, lodging and transportation): $ 357,183,766
Second language: $ 296,583,000

Total benefits

Total FSC Benefits
$ 1,035
Total CES support:
$ 3,880,740,742

Achievements 2019

Beneficiaries of
the Lazos program

5,762 students


1,105 students.
With an investment from the CES University for scholarships of $ 2,388,675,142 COP

Supports delivered

$ 1,149,838,021 COP
These supports include tuition, food subsidies, transportation, second language, academic mobility, meals and materials for 1,158 beneficiaries

Raised from the
CES Solidarity Fund (FSC)

$460.511.312 COP

Raised through
alliances for Becas Ser

$189.836.233 COP