What is the Inclusion Committee?

It is the institutional body responsible for directing strategies and implementing relevant actions for inclusive education. Supported by an interdisciplinary team, which guides mechanisms of attention to diversity, promotes inclusive institutional offer with a differential approach that promotes accessibility, permanence and improvement of welfare conditions for the entire university community.

What is an Inclusion Committee for?

This committee works to ensure and develop inclusive education processes at CES University, through the incorporation of guidelines and investment of resources that seek to address the diversity of people from different cultural, social, economic, political, linguistic, physical and geographical currents; thus ensuring the improvement of its welfare conditions and facilitating its permanence within the institution.

How often do you get together?

Every 3 months, if necessary, it will meet in an extraordinary way.

How many people in the educational community benefit from this committee?

The actions are aimed at the entire university community in view of their diversity.

Who makes it up?

  • Rector
  • Administrative and Financial Directorate
  • Academic Direction
  • Dean (a) Physiotherapy Faculty
  • Head of the Biomedical Engineering Program
  • Dean (a) Faculty of Psychology
  • Head of Institutional Wellbeing
  • Head of Sustainability
  • Student Representative: Currently the student representative is Mateo Castañeda Cardona of the business administration program. Postulated students are listed as populations of special constitutional protection (people with disabilities, indigenous people, Afro, victims of conflict or displacement). Postulated students who fulfil this characteristic and actively participate in institutional welfare processes are presented to the inclusion committee and one is chosen by vote. It should actively participate by contributing from its perspective and knowledge to the initiatives proposed there, and expressing the needs of those it represents.

How do I get my application, question, complaint, etc. to the committee?

Institutional Welfare through the line of Inclusion, Diversity and Interculturality will channel and accompany suggestions, questions, complaints and situations that reach the inclusionces@ces.edu.co

How can I contribute as part of the academic communication to inclusion within the organization?

As managers, administrative staff, teachers and students, we encourage and promote the participation of all students and academic community in the institution and recognize diversity in the classroom, consolidating the culture of education for all within the framework of diversity and equity.

Students have a responsibility to embrace diversity at the institution, recognizing that education is for everyone.