Access the Office license at no cost

CES University provides benefits to our students, faculty, and administrative staff.

If you want to obtain this license, go to link, access your institutional email and select the option Install Office - Office 365 Applications and follow the steps.


• Each user can download Microsoft Office on up to five (5) PC, Mac and Office Apps devices, including iPads and Windows tablets.

• You can share and carry out your homework with your classmates or colleagues in Word, Power Point, Excel and OneNote in real time, wherever you want, whenever you want and from any device.

• You will enjoy one (1) Tera (TB) of OneDrive storage and have all your work online for easy access.

You should consider

CES University is not responsible for the loss or damage of information that may arise from the poor execution of the download and installation procedures of the Office software. You must ensure that your computer meets the minimum requirements established by Microsoft.