Communicated to the university community

Regarding the election of student representatives before the Superior Council, Academic Council and curriculum committees for the period 2020, the CES University is allowed to inform the entire university community the following:

1. Complying with the philosophical principles of our alma mater, the elections for student representatives scheduled for Thursday, September 19, 2019 were carried out normally and in accordance with the budget in the five voting points enabled in the Poblado, Envigado, Sabaneta, CES Clinic and the General Hospital of Medellín, with an important participation of the student community.

2. The scrutiny carried out at the end of the elections on Thursday, September 19, 2019, by the Rectory, the General Secretariat with the audit of the Fiscal Auditor of the institution, RATIFIES the election of the plates to the Superior Council and the committees of curriculum listed below.

3. Regarding the election of the representatives to the Academic Council and the cancellation of one of the plates, the CES University is allowed to clarify the following: the plate made up of Pedro Juan Saldarriaga (main) and Tomás Giraldo Hinestroza (substitute) was annulled not by the commission of an unlawful criminal nature, attributable to the candidates, but due to a verification error in the University Information System.

4. The University Information System enabled the alternate candidate Tomás Giraldo Hinestroza to run for the elections. However, in the subsequent verification it was confirmed that Giraldo Hinestroza is NOT an ACTIVE student but is linked to the University in monitoring activities. By Student Regulation, in order to aspire to the levels of the University, one must be an ENROLLED student, a condition that the candidate may acquire in the 2020-I period.

5. As is our commitment to excellence and transparency in each of the missionary axes that reflects the values of our institution, the rector of the CES University will raise consultations with the Superior Council, the highest regulatory body, to define the election of representatives students to the Academic Council for the period 2020. For this reason the election of the representatives in this establishment is declared suspended until a final decision is adopted in the next session of the Superior Council that will take place on September 25, 2019.

6. For this reason, the institution assumes its responsibility in the process of electing the student representatives before the estates for the period 2020, regrets and offers the most sincere excuses to the people who were affected, especially the good name and image of the alternate candidate Tomás Giraldo Hinestroza and his teammate for the situation described above.

7. We invite the esteemed university community so that it does not discourage their active intervention in the democratic processes of citizen participation. As an accredited, high-quality institution of higher education that is constantly growing and learning, we continue to work together to maintain our commitment to excellence.