Follow the step by step to know your qualifications

Step 1: enter the Extranet

We recommend using browsers Google Chrome The Internet Explorer.

In the top menu you will find the option Grade query

Step 2: the options will be displayed:

Academic year: select the current or previous year, about which you want to check your grades.
Academic period: select the academic, semester, annual or inter-monthly period for which you want to check the grades
Study plan: select the study plan on which you want the information

After the selection, click on the button To accept.

Step 3:

Two blocks of information will be displayed: the first with the code, name, description, final grade and status of the subject, the second with details of the grades for each subject.
• Select the subject on which you want to obtain the details of the evaluations.
• In the second block, the information of the evaluations will be displayed: position, description, evaluation, weighting and grade of each evaluation.


Description: the type of note
Assessment: the name of the assessment defined by the teacher
Weighting: grade value in percentage
Note: the numerical value of the note

To return to the home page, you must click on the "back" button.

Step 4: Historical query

• On the initial consultation page, select the study plan
• Click on the "History" button
• Your name, the number of total subjects in the program and the history of grades will be displayed.


Subject: subject name
Level: level to which the subject belongs
Period: academic period in which you enrolled
Final mark: final mark of the subject at the time of the closing of the level or semester
Type of qualification: ordinary grade or if it has any characteristics (determined by the CP, absence or other)
State of the subject:
enrolled: in progress
incorrectly ended: lost
successfully closed: passed
pending to take: not yet registered
number of credits of the subject within the curricular mesh
Red: lost
Yellow: enrolled or pending to take
Green - Successfully closed or approved