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Person with a pen in his hand ready to sign a certificate


Standards of validation of knowledge and professional skills.

Speaker giving a lecture to an attending public


Short oral presentations developed by a specialist on a topic.

People in an auditorium receiving a lecture


Informative programs with several speakers who share and socialize their achievements.

Students from different countries studying a language

of languages

In flexible hours with regular or intensive intensity, different languages and Spanish for foreigners.

People attending a course


They promote knowledge and skills through a teacher or expert.

A group of people meeting in a classroom smiling


Program of several modules that deals with, from different perspectives, a central theme.

CES Cultural School Logo

CES Cultural School

Wide cultural training agenda, so that you get out of the routine in the company of your friends and family.

Person giving a talk to a group of attendees


Meeting for discussion and analysis of matters of interest or exchange of experiences before an audience.

A man in front of a computer browsing


We offer non-face-to-face programs and courses through our virtual platform.

Young people sharing in a classroom

Seedlings for aspirants

We support the professional decision of young high school graduates about to graduate.

People applauding satisfied by the information received


Collective learning process conducted by an expert or several experts on various topics.

Person raising hand to participate in a workshop


We promote learning from knowledge and interaction between groups.

Attentive people attending a symposium


Several speakers address dimensions and subtopics associated with a central theme.

Group of people studying


Directed program that provides knowledge and guides the participants in their project.