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Start date: 27-06-2019

End date: 06-28-2019

Duration: 16.00 hours.

Event city: Medellin

Hours: Thursday 27 to Saturday 30 June from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm
Place: Calle 10 A No 22-04, Medellín, Theater block B, floor 1.

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Faculty: Educational development psychology

Eliana Maria Zapata
Continuing Education Professional
(57) (4) 4440555 ext 1389

Andres Parra
Administrative Assistant Continuing Education
(57) (4) 4440555 ext 1957

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The modality of the event is Face-to-face

This meeting has been held since 2002 and this year will be its seventh version, which will take place from June 27 to 30, 2019 in the city of Medellín - Colombia.

The Convention's programming is aimed at parents, as well as organizations, public and private institutions, and professionals who work for the rights of LGBTI people.

Within the framework of the Convention, the academic event, general assembly of the International Association of Families for Sexual Diversity - FDS, participation in the pride march and the meeting of families, organizations and activists belonging to the FDS will take place.

The academic event of the Convention is aimed at mothers and fathers, students of psychology, medicine, social work, rights and the like, as well as professionals in these areas or who work on inclusion and diversity issues from the public and private sectors.

This event will be in person, conferences held with prominent national and international panelists


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  • Transforming Paradigms with knowledge and love. A little history
  • On gender, sexuality and something else
  • Let's talk about the L, the G and the B. Sexual Orientations
  • Intersexuality. A little explored topic
  • Gender dysphoria
  • Family acceptance process
  • Successful experiences. Support networks
  • Spirituality and sexual diversity
  • The experience of the Valle del Lili Foundation will be presented
  • When parents are ready to transition but their child is not
  • Timely medical interventions in girls and adolescents
  • Interventions in trans adults
  • Gestalt path towards the belonging of the trans person
  • Resilience A new look to answer the unexpected
  • What does it feel like when you are thrown into the void?
  • Experiences of love and activism / contribution of GADAFIS in the achievement of human rights of the LGBTI population in Costa Rica

The VII Convention of Families for Sexual Diversity - FDS, aims to consolidate the international network of mothers and fathers who fight against discrimination based on sexual orientation and diverse gender identity exercised against their daughters and sons; through social activism and scientific knowledge.

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