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Start date: 13-04-2021

End date: 04-18-2021

Duration: 51.00 hours.

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Center for Advanced Studies in Nutrition and Food -CESNUTRAL.

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Faculty: Nutrition and Food Sciences

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The modality of the event is Face-to-face

The International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry - ISAK (International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry) was created on July 20, 1986 in Glasgow, Scotland, as an organization of individuals whose scientific and professional endeavors are related to Kinanthropometry. Kinanthropometry is the area of science related to the measurement of the composition of the human body and determines its capacity for function and movement. It is related to changes in lifestyles, nutrition, activity levels and ethnic composition of populations. The goal of ISAK is to create and maintain an international network of colleagues representing the world community that transcends geography, politics, and the boundaries of separate disciplines to establish a dynamic area of scientific endeavor. ISAK works with an international accreditation scheme (International Anthropometry Accreditation Scheme - IAAS). This scheme aims to maintain quality assurance by requiring that all certified anthropometrists with ISAK levels comply with minimum technical measurement error - ETM, (Technical Error Measurement), established by the ISAK, taking the measurement value as a reference. Obtained by Criterion Anthropometrists (Instructor level 3 or 4). Once this objective, which must be achieved during participation in the face-to-face course, has been surpassed, applicants must perform measurements on 20 subjects to guarantee satisfactory repeatability of the measurements. This accreditation scheme is being used more and more in research that requires anthropometric measurements, which favors the unification of the methodologies used and therefore the subsequent comparison of the results obtained. This fact implies an enormous advance in the field of research by increasing the use of the resources invested in these measurement processes.

Anthropometrists ISAK II.



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  • Theory: ISAK international accreditation scheme in anthropometry.
  • Theory: Ethics and Proxemia.
  • Body composition.
  • Basic anatomy related to anthropometry.
  • Technical measurement error - Statistics.
  • Technique for the measurement of body diameters included in the complete profile. Supervised practice.
  • Anthropometry physical activity and health.
  • Anthropometry and sport.
  • Practical workshop technical error of measurement.
  • Delivery of certificates of attendance and completion of the course
  • General purpose

    Obtain certification as level I anthropometrists, granted by the International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry - ISAK to the participants in the course.

    Specific objectives

    1. Know the requirements for ISAK-IAAS certification at all levels, including the concept and statistical application of the ETM (Technical Measurement Error).
    2. Become familiar with the fundamental theoretical aspects of Kinanthropometry such as its history and evolution, the ethical principles related to anthropometric measurements, body composition, the importance of anthropometry in health and the basic elements of anthropometric equipment calibration.
    3. Understand the meaning of the somatotype, the Body Mass Index and other basic anthropometric indicators of the state of health and learn to calculate and interpret them.
    4. Unify the techniques in the location and marking of anatomical points and sites and in the taking of anthropometric measurements corresponding to the ISAK certification.
    5. Know and properly perform the techniques necessary to perform anthropometric measurements.

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