Event price: $ 550,000 COP

Online payment: At the time of your registration you will be able to pay online with credit card and PSE.

Payment in banks:
Present the invoice printed in laser, and approach the following banking entities:

  • Bancolombia
  • Itaú
  • Banco de Bogotá and its banking correspondents: Almacenes Éxito, Carulla, Surtimax, Súper inter.

Face-to-face payment:
Go to the University Cashier and pay with a debit or credit card.

Start date: 10-07-2019

End date: 03-08-2019

Duration: 35.00 hours.

Event city: Medellin

Hours: Wednesday July 10 from 8am to 12pm and Saturday August 3 8am to 1pm Location: Medellín, Calle 10 A # 22-04, Poblado, C, Physiotherapy stretcher classroom.

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Event Code: 70061115

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Faculty: Physiotherapy

Johana Andrea Areiza Velásquez
Physiotherapy Faculty Assistant
4440555 ext 1420.

Vicente Agredo Silva
Extension Coordinator
4440555 ext 1642.

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The modality of the event is Face-to-face

The areas of chemistry, physics and mathematics are of great importance and extensive use as part of the basic core of the physiotherapy program. In this sense, this course aims to retake and reinforce basic concepts of these areas as well as their application in specific undergraduate subjects such as Biochemistry and Biophysics.

Physiotherapy first semester students of the faculty.

The work methodology will be face-to-face


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Anderson Esneyder Acevedo Benitez
Telephone: (57) (4) 604 91 25
Mobile: 301 254 98 44
Email: anaceved@bancolombia.com.co

Payment with Severance:
Check with your fund and severance management company about the requirements to make the payment *.
* Applies for diplomas and certifications.

Topics to be discussed during the activity:

  • Basic organic chemistry:
  • Electronic distribution
  • Carbon atom hybridization (SP3, SP2 and SP)
  • Bond formation (ionic and covalent)
  • Alkanes, alkenes and alkynes
  • Formation of functional groups
  • Classification of functional groups
  • Basic nomenclature
  • Physicochemical properties of functional groups
  • Principles of isomerism
  • Structural isomerism
  • Isomerism of spatial
  • Physicochemical principles of solutions
  • Characteristics and classification of solute, solvent and solution
  • Dissolution principles
  • Strong and weak electrolyte
  • Brönsted-Lowry acid-base theory
  • Properties of aqueous solutions
  • Principle of amphoteric molecules
  • Basic concepts of pH
  • Cell classification
  • Membranes
  • Cytoplasm
  • Cell Organelles
  • Basic cell biology
  • Pass through the membranes
  • Physics and mathematics:
  • Numerical notation and systems of measurement units
  • Fundamental units and compound units. Dimensional analysis
  • Systems of measurement units: the Anglo-Saxon System (Imperial System) and the International System (SI)
  • Rounding criterion and significant figures
  • Scientific notation
  • Measurement accuracy and error types
  • Operations between errored quantities and the propagation of the error
  • The percentage of error in the measurements
  • Algebra, geometry and trigonometry
  • Exponents and Polynomials
  • Equations and Inequalities
  • Lines and circles. In-plane relationships
  • Linear, exponential and logarithmic functions
  • Geometry: the surface and volume of objects
  • Trigonometric Operations for Right Triangles
  • Differential and integral calculus and kinematics concepts
  • Basic fundamentals of the derivative of a function. The calculation of variations
  • Application of the derivative concept. Kinematics: concepts of velocity and instantaneous acceleration
  • The antiderivative and the basic fundamentals of the definite integral. Calculation of areas and volumes of solids
  • Kinematics: analysis of the movement of objects. Uniform linear, uniformly accelerated and uniform circular motion
  • This course aims to level the basic skills of the student in the areas of Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

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