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Start date: 06-03-2021

End date: 29-05-2021

Duration: 100.00 hours.

Event city: Medellin

Hours: Starts March 6 Saturdays 7am to 4pm.
Place: Teleconferences in real time through zoom and face-to-face practice

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Faculty: Nursing

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Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is classified by some authors as a global epidemic (Kai-Uwe Eckardt), it is defined by a reduction in the glomerular filtration rate, the speed at which the kidneys filter blood, and an increase in the excretion of protein in the urine of a person, can be prevented but has no cure, is usually progressive, silent and does not present symptoms until advanced stages. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) has become a Public Health problem in the last decade as it is a frequent condition (affecting 10 to 16% of the adult population worldwide), possibly underdiagnosed and commonly associated with other conditions such as vascular disease or diabetes mellitus (Chadban S, 2003). The Faculty of Nursing of the CES University, through its Diploma in Nephrological Nursing, offers advanced training that incorporates teaching-learning processes structured in a logical, systematic and integrative way to respond to the demands of attention related to patient care with kidney disease, through the implementation of specific and comprehensive care actions in the different phases of kidney disease, responding to the current demands of the local and national context

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  • MODULE I: Overview of kidney disease
  • MODULE II: Risk factors - Nursing care in the prevention of the advance of renal failure.
  • MODULE II: generalities of hemodialysis.
  • MODULE III: Vascular accesses for hemodialysis
  • MODULE IV: Nursing care of the patient on hemodialysis
  • MODULE V: Nursing care for patients on peritoneal dialysis
  • Theoretical practical workshop: peritoneal dialysis.
  • MODULE VI: Continuous slow replacement therapies
  • Module VII: Kidney transplantation
  • MODULE VIII Biosafety in the care of patients receiving RRT
  • MODULE IX: Patient safety in RRT.

Provide the Nursing professional with the theoretical and practical components related to the advanced care of patients with kidney health problems and situations, allowing them to design comprehensive and high-quality care plans that respond to the needs of kidney patients and their families. in the different areas of care ..

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