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Start date: 30-06-2020

End date: 17-09-2020

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Place: CES University, Calle 10ª Nro 22-04 El Poblado Headquarters.

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What today we know as a book in its traditional form: a conjunction of paper, ink, threads, glue, sometimes sophisticated, sometimes rustic (legal and pirated) ..., has a unique and fascinating history. To reach that current body, the book traveled a long path of centuries and millennia of transformations, tensions and even contradictions: it began in stone, went through wood and the skin of animals (even humans), until it reached fibers vegetable and synthetic; for a long time it was made by hand, entirely, until that curious invention appeared that completely modified culture: the printing press, in the fifteenth century of our era; and needless to say, at the end of the 20th century, the format that digital came to offer. We invite you to learn more about this fascinating story.

General public interested in a cultural training, in the company of your friends and family. We have designed a universe of possibilities where you can learn, create, innovate, know and develop different dimensions, skills and talents that can accompany you for the rest of your life.

Through dialogue, reflection and presentation of the main themes proposed, and through didactic resources (image, video, mini edition workshop), to propose a context and panorama of the book in culture and universal history, from its beginnings to the present .


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  • Beginnings and forms of writing: stone, wood, leather and paper
  • The body of the book and its evolution: papyri, scrolls, codices
  • Monks, scribes, copyists and demons
  • The miracle of printing, type and design
  • The first publishers, booksellers and merchants
  • Distribution, sales and rights strategies
  • Censorship, prohibition, burning and destruction
  • Women editors, printers and writers
  • The edition in Colombia: trajectory and challenges
  • Where is publishing going: the digital / artisan world
  • Reconstruct a brief history of the book as a diffuser and preserver of the memory of humanity. A story focused on its materiality and publishing processes, its outreach centers, printers, libraries and bookstores, as well as its main agents, producers and readers.

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