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Start date: 01-06-2020

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Faculty: Law

Diego Martin Buitrago Botero
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Dean Faculty of Social and Legal Sciences Alexander Von Humboldt Business University Corporation
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Information security has become a vital element for companies in any sector of the country's dynamics. The handling of personal data stored within the databases makes it necessary to generate protection methodologies that are linked to good practices and standards, thus allowing the evolution of the data into full information for making strategic decisions for companies. is ensured, the necessary controls are implemented to guarantee the security of the information, its transmission and the associated risks can be established. In this sense, it is essential to establish a whole general framework, which, in compliance with regulations, organizations can design and structure effective data assurance practices, which frame adequate risk management, data protection and security.

Managers of public and private companies, auditors, areas responsible for processing personal data, officials and guardians of personal data processing, risk managers and in general all natural and legal persons that process personal data.

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  • RISK MANAGEMENT. Standards and risk models to take into account for the creation of a risk management system in data processing. Elements that make up and involve proper risk management. Techniques and tools to keep an adequate control.
  • SECURITY OF THE INFORMATION. Information assurance process. Information security management system (ISMS).
  • TREATMENT OF PERSONAL DATA. Data processing policies. National registry of databases. Comprehensive personal data management program.

This seminar will provide basic tools for the design of an information security system and implementation of a risk management system in the processing of personal data that allows compliance with the principle of demonstrated responsibility.

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