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Start date: 30-05-2019

End date: 31-05-2019

Duration: 22.00 hours.

Event city: Medellin

Hours: Thursday, May 30 and Friday, May 31, 2019. 7 am to 6 pm Place: CES University, town headquarters, Aula Maxima. Calle 10 a # 22 -04, block C, first floor.

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Faculty: Dentistry

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The modality of the event is Face-to-face

It is true that worldwide dental caries and periodontal disease have decreased in frequency, severity and speed of progress, however, they continue to be the main cause of tooth loss. The change in the pattern of these diseases has been attributed mainly to a preventive approach that includes education and health promotion, use of fluorides, changes in diet, increase in human resources, oral hygiene, however, the preventive fraction of some of them it reaches only 40%.

What does the evidence show? To answer this question, the symposium proposes:.

- Analyze the available evidence about the preventive capacity of the main measures for individual, collective and professional use for the control of dental caries and periodontal disease.

-Identify the implications of this analysis in political decisions for the promotion and care of oral health, and for the definition of the health care model. .

Aimed at: Dentists, Specialists, Dentistry Students.

Face-to-face, one-hour lectures, at the end of the day on Friday, May 31, a certificate of attendance is delivered.


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Topics to be discussed during the event:

  • Oral health inequities
  • Efficacy of current methods for caries prevention
  • Second part. Efficacy of current methods for caries prevention
  • Role of microbial communities in tooth decay and periodontitis and microbial control measures
  • New trends in the prevention of tooth decay and periodontal diseases
  • Policies of the Colombian Ministry of Health for the prevention of dental caries and periodontal disease
  • Social projection program of the Faculty of Dentistry in El Cedro (Ayapel)
  • Social projection program, faculty of dentistry, U. de A
  • Social projection program Universidad del Bosque University
  • What is expected in the immediate future in prevention?
  • Questions and panel discussion
  • Conclusions

Teachers: -Doctor Carol Guarnizo Herrera. National University.

- Doctor Carlos González. Michigan University

-Doctor Adolfo Contreras. Valley University

-Doctor Rubiel Marín. CES University

- Doctor Gloria Escobar. U. de A.

- Doctor Alfonso Escobar. CES

- Dr. Sandra Zuluaga. U. de A.

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