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Start date: 26-05-2020

End date: 05-26-2020

Duration: 10.00 hours.

Event city: Medellin

Date: May 26, 2020. Hours: Tuesday and Thursday from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm Place: Calle 10 A No. 22-04, headquarters of the town.

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Faculty: Administration Coaching and NLP

Paola Osorio
Integral Coaching Unit Coordinator
Posorio@ces.edu.co , Gestion@trainingskills.co
(57) (4) 4440555 Ext: 1175, 3218598207.

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Know the importance of the topics to be addressed during the development of the Workshop

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The modality of the event is Face-to-face

The traditional way in education is in which the teacher teaches the student what to learn. It is common to observe in classrooms that all students are taught exactly without taking into account their abilities and strengths, greatly limiting their potential and creativity. One of the keys to educational coaching is that it goes beyond the mere purpose of teaching, and contributes to learning from improving performance, focusing on the individuality of people, on the potential of each of the students. We are going through an increasingly complex society, which requires the teacher to be prepared and trained so that the student appropriates the knowledge. One of the most notorious changes that coaching brings in the classroom is the teaching-learning methodology, creating conditions conducive to learning and growing. An experiential methodology, in which both teachers and students arrive at solutions through their own self-reflection. Educational coaching leaves behind the barriers that limiting beliefs can impose and the individuals who try it connect with the here and now in a way that they become more decisive and creative. Educational coaching in its purest essence uses the methodology of "Mayeutics", proposed by Socrates in the fourth century BC, which consists of asking questions of a person until they come to knowledge through their own conclusions and not through a learned or pre-conceptualized knowledge. Mayeutics is based on the intrinsic capacity of each person, which supposes the idea that the truth is hidden within oneself or that it belongs to the individual.

Teachers, teachers, professors, trainers, facilitators.

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  • -Emotions / motivation and learning.
  • -Dx of master coach.
  • -Benefits for the participants in the model.
  • -Coaching in the classroom. Soft skills and the cycle of change.
  • -Elements of coaching brought to the classroom.

Know the theoretical bases of educational coaching, developing the skills and conversation methodology that a teacher must have to become a leader in the classroom.

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