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Start date: 08-11-2019

End date: 08-11-2019

Duration: 4.00 hours.

Event city: Medellin

Hours: Date: Friday, November 8.
Hours: From 8:00 am to 12:00 pm
Place: Calle 10ª no. 04-22. CES University, Poblado headquarters, classroom to be defined.

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Faculty: Administration Coaching and NLP

Paola Osorio
Integral Coaching Unit Coordinator
Posorio@ces.edu.co , Gestion@trainingskills.co
(57) (4) 4440555 extension: 1175, 3218598207

Siul Mayrim Matute Pava
Administrative Assistant for Training Skills
(57) (4) 4440555 extension: 1175

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Know the importance of the topics to be addressed during the development of the Workshop

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The modality of the event is Face-to-face

With the grouping of institutions and throughout the twentieth century, the third revolution occurred, where the need to massively train people in order to meet social, industrial and economic needs, even at the business level, arises. It is through the development of information technologies and the generation of global channels for collaborative work that some of the aforementioned characteristics have been transformed and the fourth educational revolution has begun to take shape, parallel to the new context of the fourth industrial revolution. .
The development of skills is one of the objectives of the pedagogical programs of the different institutes of higher education. So, in a global context, where knowledge is changing rapidly, many institutions have adopted training through competencies, that is, they are standards that describe the knowledge, skills and attitudes that anyone has to master to face to different work situations, having as a reference the skills and attitudes for the achievement of knowledge.
From this attitude, soft skills are developed that allow to acquire the knowledge that one wants to obtain and integrate the basic structure of a training based on competencies.

People in charge of managerial tasks in any of the areas of the organization.

-Exercises and experiential dynamics.
-Exhibition of ideas.


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Alejandra Ramirez Suarez
Telephone: (57) (4) 604 91 25
Mobile: 311 529 98 03
Email: dearamir@bancolombia.com.co

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* Applies for diplomas and certifications.

  • -Influence on the level of beliefs through mental technology.
  • -Interruption of perception patterns.
  • -Management of emotional patterns.
  • -Development of new behavior guidelines.

Provide tools and strategies to participants that lead them to develop the skills of the fourth industrial revolution, in context with the soft skills raised by The World Economic Forum, as the new context of the fourth industrial revolution, which are:
- Solution of complex problems.
- Critical thinking.
- Creativity.
- Initiative.
- Communication.
- Collaboration.
- Persistence.
- Decision making.
- Leadership.
- Cognitive flexibility.
- Negotiation.

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