Award categories

At CES University we recognize the comprehensive training of our graduates and reward to those who carry out important work in society. We present the award categories:

This category recognizes those graduates who stand out for doing or having done their work at a public or private level with the highest quality standards as well as ethics and commitment.

The award in this category will be given to the graduate recognized for their contributions to society, in research, science and innovation.

This category recognizes the graduate whose work is framed in the formulation and execution of projects whose scope has a favorable impact on one or more communities.

This category will recognize the graduate whose work in any of these disciplines is recognized locally, nationally or internationally.

This distinction is awarded to graduates who live outside the country and who in the exercise of their profession have honored the name of the institution.

This recognition is granted to those graduates whose academic trajectory has been at the service of teaching in any educational institution and who, through their pedagogical work and leadership, contribute to the improvement of educational quality and positively impact the communities to which they they teach.

This category highlights those graduates who stand out in two or more categories of the aforementioned and is the maximum category of recognition.