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Christian Parody Álvarez, a Biology undergraduate student, is the student representative in the Superior Council of CES University for the 2019 period.

He chose his career because before leaving his school, the San José de la Salle in Medellín, he set out to understand the nature of his surroundings. But, in addition, he has another great passion that constantly accompanies him in his life and that is music.

Christian enjoys art in general, shares painting and dancing spaces with his daughter and in his free time he dedicates himself to practicing instruments such as piano, flute, bass and singing.

The area of Institutional Wellbeing and Human Development of the University stands out, since it has guided him in his career through the undergraduate degree in Biology and has offered him artistic alternatives that complement his training.

One of the most important moments for Christian is having been able to belong to the Academic Council of our institution because there he had another perspective on the functioning of institutional dynamics.

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