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Photograph of two people talking about IncluCESAs of May 2019, the website called 'IncluCES', at the CES University, a tool that facilitates processes such as accreditations, since all the information, real data or reports from different areas of the University. This was an initiative of the Information Technology –TI- and Global Affairs offices, with the support of the rectory.

INCLUDES is a web application that, as its name indicates, includes several fundamental areas of the University. The idea is to centralize the entry of information, automate the processes that were previously carried out with paper formats, and generate time savings in the areas when generating reports, for decision-making or to complement the information requested. the state entities that regulate the University.

The CES University seeks that with this tool the information is centralized in a more effective way and in this way, to be able to administer it in an efficient and transparent way for the pertinent purposes to what the institution does.”, Assured Samuel Alberto Medina Luna, exchanges coordinator at CES University.

Photograph of the incluCES launch

Soon it will be possible to find, in IncluCES, the processes of Institutional Well-being and Research and Innovation. It is also planned for the second stage to add more areas of the University, such as Extension and Sustainability.

Carlos Andrés Mejía Suárez, software architect from CES University, stated that “INCLUDES will provide various services depending on the module, for example, in Global Affairs we will have all the information on all mobilities, both national and international, of students, teachers and administrative staff”.

To enter Included you can do it in two ways. One, for the new portal of the U, because at the bottom there is a button Included that redirects to the application or through the link directly: How can we enter? employees: with network username and password. Students with the same username and password that they have registered in Virtual CES. And for graduates, they enter through the self-registration that is there, update some basic data, and enter with the email and password they create at that time.

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