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Andrés Vélez Vélez, manager of the IPS CES Sabaneta chose his career because of the taste he feels for crafts such as painting and sculpture, skills that he related to Dentistry.

He graduated from the CES University with an undergraduate degree in Dentistry, he did a postgraduate degree in administration under the CES-Rosario agreement and a master's degree in this same discipline.

He practiced his profession, dentistry, for several years. He worked 14 years in Sura and retired as director of the basic IPS to begin his current work with the University, in which he has been working for almost 10 years.

In his spare time he likes to cook with his wife, try new recipes and make his star dish, paella. Enjoy a good series on Netflix like Outlander, go for a walk and share with your daughter.

He considers that one of his greatest contributions within the IPS CES Sabaneta has been to articulate the areas of the institution and give order to the operation of the activities carried out by the organization.

Passion, perseverance and discipline is what moves the collaborators of our alma mater.

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